October 15, 2010

What do you blog?

So I have decided to join the blogging world.

Why you may ask?
Well why not? Who keeps a journal anymore when you can update your life away through social networks; Facebook, Twitter, and etc.

Now, I’ve decided to do this mainly because of the creative aspect of it. I like the idea of creating a website page as you please. I can say, I definitely have a lot to learn though.  But it’s a new adventure I can take on!

I know writing is definitely a creative but I can say that I wasn’t really blessed with the literature trait. So let me forewarn you, most things may not be in proper terms. But heck, I am mainly writing this for my leisure; a way to express my feelings and thoughts. I am sure many of you may choose to read what I blog about, and have the opportunity to like me or not. You may be interested or you may not!

After trying to determine what main topic I wanted to write about, I came to the conclusion, why not write about everyday events? Or on going challenges that come along the way. It’s probably the easier task to write about it! Life is an ongoing cycle of different events that happen daily. Obviously, some are more important than others.

So I’d like to welcome you to my blogging site!
Watch my life unfold, and come along my journey hand in hand.

Now tell me,
What intrigues you to blog?

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