October 16, 2010

Happy Sweetest Day!

Today is Sweetest Day, another day to share your love with your love one!

I definitely discovered something new today though!

So this morning when my boyfriend stumbled out of bed, I proceed to wish him a Happy Sweetest Day!

Confused at my welcoming remark, he replies, “huh?”

I repeat myself, “Happy Sweetest Day!
“I’ve never heard of it.” he replies.

Of course, any typical male would response with that. I told him, look at Facebook, I bet there are plenty of people who have updates in their statuses regarding Sweetest Day.
Scrolling through, there are 1 of 20! Let me mind you, he has about 1,000 friends. The ratio for girls against guys is definitely higher. I definitely thought there would be more updates!

So I hop on mine, one after another, Sweetest day this, Sweetest day that!

So he decides to look it up, only to cover his back.

Long behold; It’s a day that was created in the Great Lakes Region and part of the Northwest!

Wow, well that makes sense! I grew up in Michigan and never thought that other people in the states had no idea what this holiday was. It’s on calendars for goodness sake! Who would have thought differently!

I definitely learn something new everyday!

So I guess I can’t be too upset with dating someone from Massachusetts not knowing what 

Sweetest Day is! Let’s hope he remembers next year! =)

But his excuse, we are in the Gulf Region now..

Not that we really need another day celebrating the love that we have with someone! We do that everyday anyways. What other reason would you be with them then?

Did you know what Sweetest Day is!?

Take a look for yourself.

I hope I added that correctly!

Happy Sweetest Day Bloggers!!

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