October 30, 2010

The Little Things in Life!

I was admiring all the fall colors as my plane landed back to my home state, Michigan.
The cool, cold weather, as I stepped off the plane, hit my face as I walked into the terminal! The smell of the air was so crisp, as it usually does, during this time of the year, Fall! Oh how I have
I missed you!!
I never thought moving away from Michigan to Florida, I'd ever miss the seasons but when the sun is shining 95% of the year and you are living in your A/C majority of the time, missing the seasons comes easily. As does, missing your family!!!
As you may have read in previous post, we had a new addition to our family. Our new bundle of joy, Jaxson!!
I, known as Aunt T, got the opportunity to meet the little guy, and reunite with my niece, Layla!!
My sister wasn't able to do much because she was only a week in from labor, so moving around at long periods of times was rough. But we did get the opportunity to go trick or treating with the little ones during my short 2 day trip!!
Another trip in the making very soon!
I sure miss the little ones biggest moments.
I wish I could be in two places at once!!
Here are some photos of my trip back home visiting family.

These are the moments in life that keeps life going.
Cherish every moment!

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