October 21, 2010

I love this time of the year!

After debating on what I wanted to do this year, I decided to go with the harvest idea then the spooky theme.

This is our first year in the our new home together. Everything has been expanded, going from apartment to house decorations. I don’t mind though because I love to decorate!

I am, kind of, a budget shopper. If there is a sale rack, I am there! So finding some great deals are always a great feeling!

Here are some photos of my Harvest Mantle

I’d have to say I hit jackpot when I stopped at Joann Fabrics to look for some jute twine. As I was walking in  they had all their Halloween and Harvest items, 60% – 70% off! I’d have to say that was quite the deal. They also have Christmas decorations for 30% – 40% off! Do they realize it’s not even Christmas? Well I highly recommend anyone to swing on over to see what they have to offer for you! It might just add the little touch you were looking for the season!

Here are some of the deals I found while shopping at Joann's:

16 in scarecrow stake $4.99, sale for $1.99
Harvest table top $14.99, sale for $5.99
Maple Garland $9.99, sale for $3.99
Welcome Pumpkin sign, $29.99, sale for $11.99
Along with my decorations, I added a bale of hay $ 7.99 (local market), corn stalk $4.99 (local market), 3 pumpkins $15 (local market), and festive ribbon for the corn stalk $2.00 (Walmart).

All the other items were from last year. Most were picked up from Old Time Pottery. They have some pretty good sales on random things!

Here are some outdoor decorations

 For me, I’d have to say that shopping after the holiday is the best way to decorate for your space. But make sure it matches. I am sure the household across the street does her clearance shopping and just hangs, sticks in the ground, and lights up whatever is 50% off! 

Well I hope everything one is enjoying their holiday season so far! Halloween is right around the corner! Before we know it, we will be saying hello to 2011!

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